Xiaomi Redmi 4 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features You Should Know About

Xiaomi Redmi 4 is a budget Android smartphone that’s giving the middle range Android smartphone a run for its money. At 6999 INR, the hardware is topped with Snapdragon 435 Octa core processor, Adreno 505, 13MP front camera and 5MP as a secondary camera and a fingerprint scanner as well. The smartphone performs as good as it sounds on paper.

And to top it all, Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM is decked with a plethora of features which would save you a few trips to the Google Play Store. Let’s explore the Redmi 4 tips, tricks, and hidden features which make Xiaomi’s Redmi 4, even more, easier to use.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features You Should Know About

Xiaomi Redmi 4 specifications, Xiaomi Redmi 4 price in India

Xiaomi Redmi 4

Take Not Just Screenshots, Long Screenshots on Redmi 4

There’re three ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi’s Redmi 4. One, press and hold the volume down key and the power button at the same time. Two, swipe down the notification drawer and tap ‘Screenshot’ icon. Three, the gesture way, slide three fingers over the display to take a screenshot.

That’s how we take screenshots on Redmi 4. To take long screenshots on Redmi 4,

Choose one of the ways to take a screenshot. Take screenshot. You’ll find the screenshot image fluttering on the top right corner, tap on it. You’ll be provided with four options to choose from, namely Scroll, Send, Edit, Delete. Tap on the Scroll. Let it create and process the long screenshot as long as the page allows. Find the long screenshot image in the Gallery app.

Set Reading Mode On Redmi 4

The bluish tinge of the smartphone’s screen is a curse to our eyes. There’re external Android apps to curb the issue. But with Redmi 4, reading mode is an inbuilt feature you should religiously use. How?

Go to Settings, then Display. And there’s Reading Mode. Instead of a customary button, the Reading Mode feature on Redmi 4 is quite elaborate. You can schedule it, increase/decrease the strength of the reading mode or you can choose on which app to use this feature and on which app to not. Once in action, instead of a bluish tinge, the Reading Mode thinks that a yellowish tinge is easy on our eyes. So far, it’s working for me.

Dual Apps feature for Dual SIM phone

If you’ve more than one Facebook account, Whatsapp account and other such accounts where it’s only allowed to use just one. Not anymore. With Dual Apps, you can configure two Facebook accounts, two Whatsapp accounts on the same smartphone simultaneously. How it’s done?

Go to Settings. Slide down to Dual Apps. It’ll list all the supported apps installed on the smartphone. If you’d like to manage two Whatsapp accounts, toggle it. You’ll find the second Whatsapp app on the Home Screen. Configure it like you configured your first Whatsapp account.

Redmi 4 Quick Ball

Redmi 4 is already quite handy. But if you’d like to have few essential features handy under your thumb, the Quick ball is all you need. The feature will place a gray colored circular button on the home screen, tapping on which you’d find the features you’ve configured it to show.

Go to Setting. Tap Another Settings. There’s Quick Ball. Select 5 features you’d like to have handy. And you’re good to go.

Redmi 4 Built-In App Lock

The main lock on the Android smartphone is not enough. Your friends or colleagues would ask for it to explore your smartphone further. But there’re some Android apps or information you aren’t comfortable parting with others. It could be the pictures in the Gallery App, your bank information in the banking app are few examples of highly personal data no one’s comfortable sharing with others.

To avoid the situation, lock the specific Android apps with Built-in App Lock on Redmi 4.

Go to Settings. Slide down to App Lock. Confirm the password, if you set/configured any. On the next screen, choose the apps which you’d like to safeguard using the App Lock feature. Set a complicated yet easy to remember pattern lock. You’ve secured the selected apps with the App Lock feature. You can also use your fingerprint to unlock the apps.

Hide Photos From The Gallery On Redmi 4

If the App Lock is not enough, go for the stealth mode and hide the photos from the Gallery app you don’t want others to see. To use this feature, make sure you’ve signed into your MI account. With it, you get 5GB of storage space in Mi Cloud. Make sure the Sync feature is set to ON.

All you’ve to do is go the Gallery App, select the picture you’d like to hide. Tap on More and then Hide.

Block Unwanted Calls And Messages On Redmi 4

It’s an essential feature every Smartphone should have. Yet we’ve to opt for an external app to do the work. But it’s inbuilt in Redmi 4.

Tap on the contact number you wish to block. If it’s an unsaved contact number, you’ll see the Block option right after tapping the contact number. If it’s a saved contact number, click the three dot icon on the top right to find the Block option in the submenu.

To block messages from a certain contact number, go the Messaging app. Long press the message you wish to block. Block it.

Record Calls On Redmi 4

Another essential feature is to record calls on Redmi 4. I’m yet to see a no-frill free call recording Android app on Google Store. Well, save your money and time as you get a call-recording app inbuilt with Redmi 4.

Go to Settings. Then System Apps, tap Call Settings. Set Call recording to On. You can record every call you attend or from a selected contact as well.

MI Remote Control App

The smartphone’s got an IR Blaster. A prevalent feature now extinct, using which you can convert the Redmi 4 to act as a remote control for other electronic gadgets and appliances.

Enable One-handed mode On Redmi 4

If you think the 5-inch display is big enough to be handled with one hand. The One-handed mode is what you need. Enable it and the display will shrink either to 4-inch or even smaller 3.5-inch.

Go to Settings. Slide down to Additional Settings. Select One-handed mode. To enable it, swipe from home button to either the back button or the menu button. You’ll then be prompted to enter the One-hand mode.

If you’ll swipe towards the menu button, the display will shrink towards the left side. To the right, if you’ll swipe towards the back button.

Activate Pocket Mode On Redmi 4

You don’t want the gestures to act on its own when it’s in your pocket or a bag. Hence, the pocket mode.

To enable it, go to Settings, then Lock Screen and Password. Choose the last option, Additional Settings. Toggle the Pocket mode.

Activate Child Mode On Redmi 4

Keep your children from using certain apps and features on your smartphone. Enable Child Mode to restrict the usage of some Android apps.

Go to Settings. Additional Settings. Then select child mode. Toggle it ON. And select the apps you don’t want your children to access. That’s it.

Enable Lite Mode On Redmi 4

Lite Mode, once enabled, would turn your smartphone into a feature phone (dumb phone). In Lite Mode, you’ll have access to the essential features including Call, Messages, Gallery, and Settings.

Go to Settings. Enable Lite Mode. Restart the phone.

To get out of the Lite Mode on Redmi 4, restart your phone again.

Unlock Developer Option On Redmi 4

You can unlock Redmi 4 boot loader, customize the animation scale and speed, play around with colors and saturation and many more features in Developer Options.

To unlock the Developer Options, Go to Settings. Move over to About Phone. Keep tapping on MIUI version till the Developer Options is unlocked.

You’ll find Developer Options in the Additional Settings menu. Settings>Additional Settings.

Test the Engineering Mode On Redmi 4

It’s a mode where you can test all the hardware/software features, whether they’re working fine or not. You can even generate a report about the same.

To get into the Engineering Mode, go to Settings. Move over to About Phone. Keep tapping the Kernel Version till you get into the Engineering Mode.

Enter the Phone Info Mode

How much time have you wasted playing a game on your phone or how much time have you spent on a certain app, Battery info etc get into the Phone Info Mode to know it all.

Go to Settings. About Phone. Keep tapping the Internal memory till you get into the Phone Info Mode.

Incoming Call Settings and Controls

Apart from the usual features, you can flip to silence ringer, quiet ringer when lifted. To do so,

Go to Settings. Move over to System apps. Get into Call Settings. Then, Incoming call settings. Toggle Flip to silence ringer and Quiet ringer when lifted.

If you’d like the alarm to ring even when the phone’s powered off.

Here’s how. Open the clock app. Tap on the three dot on the top right corner. Toggle Alarm will ring after powered off. That’s it.

Access Unit Converter in Calculator App.

Open Calculator App. Tap the icon located on the top left side of the app. Choose the unit conversion you’d like to convert.

So that’s the primer over Xiaomi’s Redmi 4 tips, tricks and hidden features which you should use. If you think we’ve missed something hidden yet crucial feature present on Redmi 4, do comment.

Buy Xiaomi Redmi 4 [Amazon Link]. With all these useful features, it’s a phone worth buying.

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